Top slogans for disabled people (বিশেষভাৱে সক্ষম লোকৰ বাবে শীৰ্ষ শ্লোগান।)

As we have discussed about the Top Inspirational disability slogans and quotes for people with disability. To Promote International Day for people with disability and to show respect to the people with disability, again we are presenting you another list of popular slogans for disabled peoples  (যিদৰে আমি অক্ষম লোকৰ বাবে শীৰ্ষ প্ৰেৰণাদায়ক অক্ষমতাৰ শ্লোগান … Read more

Top inspirational disability Slogans and quotes for people with disability (অক্ষম লোকৰ বাবে প্ৰেৰণাদায়ক শ্লোগান আৰু উদ্ধৃতি)

Top Inspirational Disability Slogans And Quotes For People With Disability (অক্ষম লোকৰ বাবে প্ৰেৰণাদায়ক শ্লোগান আৰু উক্তি) : Disability is not a disease, it’s a physical and mental condition of someone unable to act in a way that is considered usual. To promote the understanding of disability issues and to support for the right and … Read more