The Link between Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression are three mental health conditions that are commonly experienced by people. While these conditions may seem unrelated, they are actually closely connected and can often occur together. Understanding the link between these conditions is important for those who are struggling with their mental health. Stress is a response to a perceived … Read more

The Cycle of Toxicity: How to Break the Pattern in Your Life?

Toxicity refers to negative behaviors and attitudes that harm others and ourselves. These behaviors can take many forms, including verbal abuse, manipulation, bullying, and neglect. Toxicity can also include attitudes such as judgment, criticism, and blame. It’s important to note that toxicity can be exhibited by individuals, groups, and even entire communities. Toxicity can have … Read more

How to sharpen your memory?

Definition of memory and its importance: Memory is the mental capacity to retain information, experiences, and skills. It is an essential function of the brain that allows us to learn, remember, and recall information. Memory is important because it helps us to learn and adapt to new situations, navigate through our environment, and make decisions. … Read more